How Much do Bartenders Make?

Bartenders Can Make Some Serious Money!  How many times have you walked up to a bar, ordered a couple of drinks, and left a $2.00 to $3.00 tip?  And how long did that take? 5 minutes?  And guess what your bartender was doing while you were waiting?  Yep! Collecting a couple of bucks from a few others crowding around the bar.  On an average night, bartenders make roughly $15 to $25 per hour.  On a hopping night, in a nice spot, a bartender can earn up to $100 per hour.  That's great money!

Why Do Bartenders Make So Much?

It's really quite simple.  Most people want to look good.  Especially in a 'social setting'.  So, they don't want to look cheap by giving a poor tip.  Most people think (you've probably said this to yourself), 'it's only a couple of extra bucks...'

The great thing for bartenders is, a couple of bucks from a few hundred people adds up to hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a few hours of work.

And who wouldn't love the work?  People like bartenders.  People want to be seen talking to bartenders.  Bartenders not only get paid very well, they also have an advantage socially, which can make a very lucrative job a lot of fun.

So, How Do You Get Started?

First, just liking the bar scene and being able to mix a couple of signature drinks won't cut it.  In order to make good money as a bartender, you need to know your stuff.  You've got to be better than the others trying to get the same job.  You can take a bartending course at a local campus for around $300.  Or, you can take an online course to learn pretty much the same things. 

The downside of the online bartending courses are that you can't actually see the mixing of specific drinks.  Of course, the upside of online bartending courses are that you can begin immediately, and the cost is typically much less.  Below are two online courses, both of which are well under a hundred bucks.

First Choice For Online Bartending Course:
    "Bartending Secrets Exposed"

Bartending Secrets Exposed is a great course that really covers everything you need to get started as a bartender.  There are some great insider tips that will really help you as you go about hunting for that perfect bartending job.  Some of the topics covered include:

     *  How to create a resume that top nightclubs take seriously
     *  How to get a flood of job offers
     *  How to find out what employers really want
     *  Learn the secret to layering shooters perfectly, every time
     *  The one thing you should never do during a cash transaction

If you would like to learn more about this online course, visit: Bartending Secrets Exposed.

Second Choice For Online Bartending Course:
   "Rapid Bartender"

This is also a good course, but it in our opinion focuses a little too much on the 'coolness' of bartending, as opposed to how to land a job as a bartender.  If you are looking to start out as a social bartender before you look for a job as a bartender, then Rapid Bartender could be a great fit.  If you are looking to start making some serious money right away as a bartender, then we suggest taking a look at Bartending Secrets Exposed instead.